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Inversion Table Therapy for Back Pain

Back pains are normal and almost every human being experience it for one or the other reason. The older a person gets, the higher the probability of dealing with back aces. Back pains have been made to look simple while sometimes they are symptoms of something else that could be chronic. It is therefore important to have a diagnosis from a doctor to know about your condition. There are many treatment options for back pains which include muscle relaxers, antidepressants, over the counter medicines, physical therapy and surgery. The one type of physical therapy discussed below is inversion table.

As the name suggests, inversion table involves hanging your feet. All this is done with the intention of gaining therapeutic benefits. This format works against gravity and thus creating a form of relaxation with your back bone. Your heartbeat slows and your blood pressure increases when you remain inverted for more than a couple of minutes and the pressure within the eyeballs dramatically jumps. People with diabetes, blood pressure, expectant mothers and glaucoma should not try this since it could have an adverse effect on their health. They should first consult a doctor about it to avoid higher risks.

You can rely on the inversion therapy to provide you with some sought of comfort when dealing with bac pains. With the gravity working against you, one can have a better circulation of blood which is good for your organs and hence reduces the pain. Blood circulation is enhanced with the fact that you are inverted.

The other benefit achieved from the therapy is that you get to straighten the muscles which is important as it improves the functioning of the lymphatic organs hence a good flow of fluids. Hanging upside down help flush some of the waste from the lymphatic system. Inversion therapy also helps to relieve motion sickness and stress.

You never know what you will go through when trying and inversion table for the first time, to avoid risking your life, have someone to take care of you during the whole process. An inversion table helps to relieve back pain because it provides full spine traction.

This kind of physical therapy is suggested to patients as a measure to mitigate and avoid health issues. When used successively, one could get some comfort. It is a good preventative treatment for certain medical conditions.

When experiencing severe back pains however, one is recommended to seek medical attention since inversion table is not a cure. It is important to take the right steps when it comes to health issues.