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13 Facts You Need to Know and Appreciate About the Us Army

Whenever the mind about the US military force comes about it leaves a different impact on different people. This may be so to the people that have ever worked with the US military or their relatives worked there. There is much of debates about the services of these officers and their rewards. For you to know more about the nature of the US military we must make sure that we understand the more on the part of the military. Here are some of the important 13 that will give you the real situation of the US military.

The army was established before the United States was. The state succeed in its liberation in 1776 after using the army to fight the British for their liberation in 1775. This clearly tells you that the army came before the United States.

Many people have been absorbed by the army. The second largest employing corporation in the US is the army with over 1milliin solders.

The army is one of the most non-eco-friendly operations. Because of the high demand for the army a lot of fuel with their heavy machines is used which results in unsustainable practices.

Before most of the US presidents become presidents they were members of the army. Almost 90% of the US presidents have ever served as the member of the army, for example, the George Washington who almost lost his life in the line of duty as an army and others like the W.H. Bush and Theodore Roosevelt.

The US army owns a lot of lands. The total acres of the land entitled to the US army is big that you can imagine.

The military dogs are quite abundant. The number of dogs trained for the army services is almost 2500 with 700 dogs being involved daily.

There are trainers meant specifically to train the military dogs. it’s then obvious that there is a group meant to prepare the new dogs to ensure they are fit for the services.

Its possible even to women. Women are also not left behind when it comes to the US army providing support to the army but in most case, there are given light duties.

There is high cases of PTSD and other mental disorders. There is a high possibility of suffering from the mental health or PTSD during or after the services.

Many children find themselves without their parents. Many children have to swallow the pain of losing either one or both of parents that died in the war as soldiers.

The spouses that lost their loved ones have experienced much pain. Mostly women suffer from anxiety and depression when they have to bear with the kind of services their husband have to do.

Many suffer loss because of the war. The wars have great impact even on the larger family in case of a loss.

Because of the army outfits, we can appreciate Washington. The army as not once planned to change their uniform but all in vain.